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December 3, 2012
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-Romano's PoV-

Assassin, Lovino Romano Vargas an Assassin, protecting the ones of Italy from the influence of the Borgia, who knew this fantasy would become a reality.

As I walked down the road leading towards the coliseum, I see this girl on the floor crying, not even crying sobbing, I glance at her quickly but her needy eyes made me give in.

"Nice, another distraction…." I thought as I walked up to her.

"What's wrong little girl" I asked crouching down next to her.

"They took her, they took my sister! I tried to get her back but they pushed me away, my sister told me to go home but I want her back!" she said before she started to sob again.

"Who took her, describe him" I said sternly.

Everything she said, all her description led to one source, Borgia guards.

"Which way did they go?" I said helping her up.

"Down to the heart of Roma, please help her" she said grabbing on to the edge of my shirt.

"I will, but go home, go as fast as you can so none of the other men like that see you, I will get your sister only if you promise me to get home safe" I said holding out my hand.

"I will I will thank you mister!" She said going past my hand and hugging me.

"You're welcome" I said as I started to leave. "Run!"


As I watched from the rooftop, I saw the guards hold the girl as she tried to kick her way out. As he squirmed in the guards hold, she kicked one in the face and elbowed the one behind her in the stomach.

I smirked as I the first guard dropped before her, "She doesn't need my help" I thought but just as I did, a guard put a dagger to her throat.

Right as I saw that I jumped at him killing him at the spot, "You were good, but you sometimes need a little more" I said revealing my hidden dagger.

"I owe you my life, grazie" she said as she bowed in front of me.

"Consider it a gift, I am always at the aid of people, especially beautiful girls" I said helping her up, "By the way, your sister is worried sick, she sent me out here to help you".

"I told her I will be fine, well thank you again, I owe you my life" She said as she started to walk, but after 3 short steps she dropped.

I quickly caught her as a light pink blush creeped up onto her cheeks "Are you ok signorina?" I said helping her to her feet.

"Y-yes I am fine thank you" she said walking again but this time with a limp.

"Signorina, would you like me to give you a ride home, it seems like you have hurt yourself" I said walking up to her.

"Y-yes please" she said sitting on the floor, "But how, you don't have a horse here"

"Ah this is where you are wrong" I said as I called for my horse. He came trotting towards me, but as he was never good at stopping I moved slightly to the side letting him stop.

As the lady was trying to get up, I picked her up and put her on the horse, again bringing up a slight blush.

"Grazie signor" She said as she made herself comfortable on the horse.

"Benvenuto signorina" I said as I climbed up onto my horse, "Hold on the road gets a bit bumpy" I said as I made the horse go. "Where are we headed to?" I asked as she held on to me.

"Coliseum, our home isn't very far from there" she said as she grunted slightly from the pain.


After 15 minutes of riding around Roma and getting lost with given directions we finally reached the household.  I helped her off the horse and put her arm around me helping her to her house.

"I never did get your name bella, what is it?" I said walking her to her house.

"_-_________ and you are?"

"Lovino Romano Vargas, Assassin" I said as we approached her house hold.

"Ah we have an assassin on our hands" she said smirking slightly.

"Actually I have a ragazza on my hands" I said pointing out that I am holding her up.
"I guess…" She said slightly laughing.

"________ YOU'RE OKAY, YOUR BACK OH SIGNOR GRAZIE" the little girl said hugging both me and her older sister.

"Yes I am fine, can you please make soup ___younger siblings name___" the girl said hopping to the couch.

"Nice place you have, but where is your mom and dad?" I asked seeing only 1 bed.

"Borgia took them and killed them, my parents were on the side of the assassins and that resulted in their death" she said trying to care for her leg.

"I am sorry for your loss, so you take care of your sister yourself?" I asked sitting next to her.

"I have for the past year" she said as she finally found source of the pain.

"Is there anything I can do to help, and take the offer while its available, I don't give out random nice acts" I said standing up.

"Um, how good are you with medicine" she asked with another slight blush on her face.

"As good as an assassin could be" I said sitting before her leg, "Do you need help healing your leg?"

She nodded "That would be a very large help" she said.

"Then consider it done, where do you keep the bandages?" I asked looking around.

"Right in front on your left" she replied with a slight grunt as she moved.

"Grazie" I said as I bandaged up her leg. "You can't do much with this leg; it isn't that bad but for at least 5 days you are off your feet."

"What!?" she said looking worried at how she will take care around the house.

"Until you can get back on your feet, I can help" I said.

"No, you have already done too much, I will manage thank you" she said hopping over to her sister to help cook.

"Ok your choice bella, I will be off" I said walking out the door. "Arrivederci"


I walked up to the girls house in the morning and knock on her door. When she opens the door she looks surprised to see me, "Ciao, can I help you" she asked.

"Did I mention I don't take no for an answer, so the question is how I can help you"

I randomly thought of this and started typing, it may suck I am sorry but the idea i think is pretty good.

I wrote it from Romano's perspective as an assassin, and if I do make a sequel it will be from readers side.

Romano belongs to his rightful owners and Assassins Creed belongs its rightful owners.

Also if any of the Italian is wrong which it most likly is I am sorry :D
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